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Sweepa NZ ltd was set up in 1997 when we became the sole agency for the Sweepa rubber broom and brushes in New Zealand.
We are a Home Show company and demonstrate our product range at the many Home and Garden shows throughout New Zealand.
We are constantly looking for new and exciting products to demonstrate at the Homeshows as we believe that the public see the true benefits of a product when they can see it up close and personal.

We have over these 11 years built up an impressive base of satisfied customers who not only love our rubber brooms, brushes and microfibre mops without chemicals is the way forward for Sweepa NZ Ltd.

Over the intervening years Sweepa NZ Ltd was responsible for bringing in many innovative garden related products for demonstration at the Ellerslie Flower Show, like the garden scoops, circle hoe, the water spikes and the sprinkle heads.

In 2006 the directors of Sweepa NZ Ltd ( a homeshow based company of 9 years) received a phone call from an associate in Melbourne, Australia describing the amazing product he had named the Cuddle Buddy.  It was taking many areas of Australia by storm and he wanted to know if Jane and Bruce would be interested in launching them in New Zealand. 

They agreed believing that the product had potential they themselves loved the feel and versatility of the product.  Since June 2006 Cuddle Buddies  have become a  household name throughout NZ.

Initially the marketing side was directed toward the small children however, it soon became apparent that the Cuddle Buddy transgressed all ages from the very young to the not so young.
Many companies have requested to wholesale the Cuddle Buddy productsations -  hospitals, hospices, disability resource centres, arthritis foundation, autisitic foundations, school fundraisers as well as many retailers throughout the country.

We pride ourselves on great quality fabric and great quality microbeads that fill our pillows.
Hence why our Cuddle Buddys can be machine washed by following instructions.

Instead of continuing with only one size fits all Cuddle Buddy NZ Ltd have over the years introduced different sized comfort pillows to cater for customers requests and suggestions.

The latest comfort pillow is the Reversible Comfort Pillow which turns from a neck travel pillow into the cylindrical shaped comfort pillow – offering the customer a versatile and multi purpose pillow.  It is now one of our most popular selling products.

We look forward to introducing the Sweepa brooms and Cuddle Buddys to another happy customer.

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