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When sweeping, do I push or pull the SWEEPA?
When used on carpets it is best to sweep towards you (pulling action). On surfaces such as tiles, you can either push or pull.

When do I replace my SWEEPA head?
Sweepa is made of durable rubber similar to your car's tyres. It will outlast any conventional broom, beacause of it's strong, durable bristles.

How do I wash my SWEEPA?
Simply wash your SWEEPA in soapy water, rinse and dry.

What chemicals can affect my SWEEPA?
Sweepa can be used with strong detergents and even swimming pool acid without harm. If used with oil it is adviseable to rinse your broomhead in soapy water.

How does SWEEPA sweep dust and fine dirt particles?
The hundreds of rubber bristles do not flare out. They form a "wall" to collect all fine particles without stirring up dust.

Can I use SWEEPA outdoors on patios, driveways and walkways?
Absolutely! The SWEEPA bristles are ultra-durable and ideal for outdoor use.

How does SWEEPA collect hair from carpets?
The rubber bristles penetrate into the pile of the carpet to remove pet hair, lint and fluff.

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