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About Us

Sweepa NZ ltd was set up in 1997 when we became the sole agency for the Sweepa rubber broom and brushes in New Zealand.
We are a Home Show company and demonstrate our product range at the many Home and Garden shows throughout New Zealand.
We are constantly looking for new and exciting products to demonstrate at the Homeshows as we believe that the public see the true benefits of a product when they can see it up close and personal.

We have over these 11 years built up an impressive base of satisfied customers who not only love our rubber brooms, brushes and microfibre mops without chemicals is the way forward for Sweepa NZ Ltd.

Over the intervening years Sweepa NZ Ltd was responsible for bringing in many innovative garden related products for demonstration at the Ellerslie Flower Show, like the garden scoops, circle hoe, the water spikes and the sprinkle heads.

In 2006 we found the wonderful Cuddle Buddy comfort pillows and introduced them via the shopping malls and home shows to New Zealanders. 
We have introduced them into hospitals, hospices, schools and thousands of homes.
In continuing the traditions of Sweepa NZLtd, Cuddle Buddy NZ Ltd are dedicated to introducing other comfort products that will offer our customers a more comfortable life.
In 2007 we introduced the memory foam bed range to compliment the Cuddle Buddy comfort pillows.

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